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Shiba Inu Texas

About Shiba Inus

Shiba Inu’s are the most popular breed of dog originating from Japan. Commonly known for their determined, independent demeanor, Shiba Inu’s are confident, regal dogs that also have a soft side. How could you not fall in love with that puffy, teddy-bear like face?

Independence 9/10
Intelligence 8/10
Activity Level 7/10
Friendliness 7/10
Adaptability 9/10
Playfulness 7/10
Good for Novice Owners 8/10
Good for Apartments 6/10
Shiba Inu Texas

Loyal and Affectionate

Shiba Inu’s are loyal dogs, affectionate from the time they are born until old age. Once they trust you, you’ll be on their side forever.

Aloof and Independent

Shiba Inu’s are independent, but not to a fault. They still love the turn of a key and the sight of their owner walking through the door to greet them!

Absolutely Adorable

The fluffy coat of a Shiba Inu is one of the most adorable features among any dog breed! The way that the fur on their face stands up makes their expressions look human-like.

Zen-like Personality

The Shiba Inu’s look of confidence and sophistication is hard to miss, they are some of the most calm and elegant dogs around!

Easy Grooming

Shiba Inu’s have a regular shedding schedule that tracks the natural changes in weather. Other than a few times a year, grooming your Shiba Inu puppy should be a breeze!

Fun for the Whole Family

Socializing a Shiba Inu at first can be a task, but once they are trained and used to people they will come completely out of their shell.

Vetted Shiba Inu Breeders in Texas

In order to ensure that our network is made up of only the best breeders we have put together a strict review process that weeds out 90% of businesses. When selecting a new puppy through Texas Puppies you don’t have to worry about a scam or hoax. Let us show you how to get the best Shiba Inu’s in the country!

Shiba Inu puppies

Sara S.

With years of breeding experience, Sara has been a standout member of the Uptown Family.

Location: Texas

Breeds: Shiba Inu

Availability: N/A

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Shiba Inu puppies for sale


PuppySpot is a network of highly vetted breeders. Only 10% of breeders who apply get accepted.

Location: National

Breeds: Shiba Inu

Sizes: Wide range

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Shiba Inu puppies for sale

Katie M.

Katie’s breeding skills are only matched by her dedication to matching her pups with amazing families.

Location: Southern California

Breeds: Shiba Inu

Availability: N/A

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Shiba Inus

Smith Family

The Smith's were always crazy about dogs, and decided to share the joy with the world.

Location: Idaho

Breeds: Shiba Inu

Availability: N/A

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uptown puppies Shiba Inu breeder

Stephanie S.

Stephanie’s extensive breeding experience and elite pedigree makes her puppies highly sought after.

Location: Florida

Breeds: Shiba Inu

Availability: N/A

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Shiba Inu breeder

Mary A.

To a dog lover like Mary, nothing makes her smile more than uniting another fluffy bundle of joy.

Location: New York

Breeds: Shiba Inu

Availability: N/A

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Shiba Inu breeder

Bethany P.

Bethany knows a thing or two about doggytelligence and breeds some of the best pooches on the planet.

Location: South Carolina

Breeds: Shiba Inu

Availability: N/A

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More Info About Shiba Inu Puppies Texas

Looking for local Shiba Inu puppies? We’ve got you covered.

How much do Shiba Inu breeders charge?

Are you shopping for a Shiba Inu and wondering what Shiba Inu breeders in Texas are charging for a puppy? Prices can vary depending on experience of the breeder, desirability of the puppy’s color combination or even eye color. But don’t even start to worry, with the help of our expansive network of breeders we are sure you’ll find the perfect puppy in your price range.

What if there are no Shiba Inu breeders near me?

One of the many benefits of working with our network of vetted breeders and businesses is that your puppy choices aren’t limited to local Shiba Inu breeders. For example, if you are looking for Shiba Inu puppies for sale in Texas but aren’t finding the color combination that you’re looking for, our partners can arrange travel accommodations for any pup across the country. With Texas Puppies finding a Texas Shiba Inu breeder with your perfect puppy will be no problem!

How do you screen Shiba Inu Breeders?

Out of 100 breeders and businesses who are eligible to join our prestigious network on average we only admit 10. This means that for every 10 puppies, only one Shiba Inu for sale in Texas is raised to our standards. Skip the process of broadly searching “Shiba Inu Texas” or “Shiba Inu breeders Texas” and shop for puppies the smart way!

Why is Texas Puppies different from other networks?

Texas Puppies has a mission to influence the way that Shiba Inu’s are bred and purchased across the country. By rewarding only the top-rated Shiba Inu businesses in Texas we are helping to empower families to avoid puppy mills and breeders practicing unethical behaviors. Whether you're searching “Shiba Inu puppies sale Texas” or “Shiba Inu Austin Texas” let us save you some time!

What is a puppy mill?

A puppy mill is a name for any business who is breeding puppies for profit without care for the wellbeing of the animals. Puppy mills often use inhumane breeding techniques and are known to interbreed dogs causing health issues later in life. When you buy a dog from a reputable company such as Texas Puppies you are ensuring that the puppy was raised by a responsible breeder! Don’t just search “Shiba Inu puppies in Texas” or “Shiba Inu puppies for sale Texas” and expect to find a well-run business, let Texas Puppies find you the perfect breeder!

Are there any Shiba Inus for sale right now?

With our network of breeders there are always Shiba Inu puppies for sale! Visit our website and start your search now to see all of the options that you truly have, you’ll be blown away by our selection of puppies and hand-picked breeders. If you’re endlessly searching “Shiba Inu for sale Texas” and not finding quality results, we're here to help.

What are Shiba Inus like?

The Shiba Inu is originally from Japan and was bred to assist in the hunting of small game in the rocky terrain of local mountains. Since being domesticated and brought to the United States Shiba Inus have developed cuddly personalities and are known to become very attached to their group of owners.

Do Shiba Inus need a lot of exercise?

Yes, they do! Shiba Inus have a ton of playful energy and enjoy being outside as much as possible when they’re not napping in the family room. Any Shiba Inu Texas breeder who advertises “Shiba Inu puppies Texas” will tell you that these dogs require daily walks, if not twice a day! Although your new Shiba Inu puppy may want to stop and say hello to every dog you pass, you’ll make it Around the block eventually.

What about Shiba Inu grooming?

Shiba Inu’s require regular grooming to ensure that their fur stays healthy and clean. While there are some varieties who shed less than others there is a reason that the word grooming commonly accompanies the search phrases “Shiba Inu breeder Texas” and “Shiba Inu puppy Texas”.

How does Texas Puppies work?

In order to begin your search for the perfect puppy all you have to do is browse our wide selection of pups across hundreds of breeds to find the one that is right for you. We then put you in direct contact with the breeder where you can ask questions and express your level of interest for the individual puppy. All that’s left after that is introducing your hand-picked Shiba Inu puppy to its new home!

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